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Horror Highlights: COMET TV January Schedule, THE LODGERS, New Creepy Co. Apparel, STILL/BORN, FrightFest Glasgow Film Festival, BLACK CREEK, BEFORE WE VANISH - Daily Dead

Ah, Andrew Fleming's The Craft, such fond memories! If you would like to revisit this movie or anything else playing on Comet TV this month, read on for more details! Also in today's Highlights: release dates revealed for The Lodgers, Still/Born, Black Creek, and Before We Vanish, Creepy Co.'s new apparel, and a look at ...


Watch This Hilarious Trailer for 'Ahockalypse', the Feel-Good Zombie Hockey Movie You Never Knew You Needed

The concept of inserting the heroic story of a hockey team's road to success into a gore-filled zombie flick definitely sounds like what one might conjure up while they're lung-deep in bong smoke. But low and behold, the low-budget laugher Ahockalypse has actually been created.

Welcome To 'Black Creek' Where The Hunt Has Begun - On VOD This February -

Welcome to Black Creek...hunting season has begun. From director James Crow (Curse of the Witching Tree) comes Black Creek, a film about that begins with a family saying goodbye and ends in a fight for survival against a supernatural force. In the film, after the untimely death of their father, Mike (Chris O'Flyng) and ...


Low Budget, Big Bang: 10 Film Successes Driven by an Independent Spirit

News flash: Hollywood has run out of ideas. Thankfully, new trends in film aren't driven by the big-brand studios, but the little guy whose independent spirit drives the future of modern movies.


Ancient Evil Attacks in 'Black Creek.' Own it on VOD February 16th. | Horror Society

by MGDSQUAN PRESENTS A TERRIFYING NEW VISION OF SUPERNATURAL HORROR BLACK CREEK BLACK CREEK, starring YouTube superstar Chris O'Flyng, hits VOD nationwide February 16th! After the untimely death of their father, Mike (Chris O'Flyng) and Heather (Brianna Shae) venture to his favorite spot in the world - a secluded cabin in the woods - to spread his ashes.


20 low budget movies that became massive blockbusters

In a time where $100 million dollar budgets are the norm, we look at 20 low budget movies that became blockbusters at the box office.


Hockey zombie odyssey 'Ahockalypse' looks like the best sports movie since 'Hoosiers' - Golf Digest

Sit down, Jerry Maguire. Can it, Coach Boone. Keep riding that bench, Rudy. You may think you're the best sports movies of all time-hell, you may have even been anointed by the brandy-sipping Hollywood elite-but you have nothing on Ahockalypse . Behold, CINEMA!

This Zombie Hockey Movie Is Going To Be The Can't Miss Feature Film Of The Year

Ahockalypse. The zombie hockey movie that nobody necessarily asked for but now everybody needs. That smell that you're smelling right now? Yeah. That's The Wizard of Oz shitting it's pants in preparat


What Types of Low-Budget Films Break Out? - American Film Market & Conferences

What Types of Low-Budget Films Break Out? An investigative report from Film Industry Analyst Stephen Follows and Founder of The Numbers Bruce Nash Breakout indie hits may be some of the most romantic stories in the movie business.


Black Creek - USA, 2017

Black Creek is a 2017 British/American supernatural horror film written and directed by James Crow (Nightmare on 34th Street; A Suburban Fairytale; House of Salem). The Last British Dragon production stars Chris O'Flyng, Leah Patrick and Michael Copon (Scorpion King 2, Night of the Demons).


Ahockalypse News

Ahockalypse News


Black Creek

Mike and Heather's father die and they go to his favorite spot to spread his ashes. A cabin in the secluded woods. They are joined by some friends as they go for what is supposed to be somewhat of a holiday. While there, a demon emits chaos by possessing the teens and they commit horrible acts.


The Prairie Kings Hockey team battle for the championship and their lives all in one night. The boys win the cup only to find out that a Zombie Ahockalypse has happened. The boys battle their way to their home arena for a final showdown.


What The Success of 'It Follows' Means for Indie Film Distribution

What The Success of 'It Follows' Means for Indie Film Distribution This Monday I read an article in Forbes calling last weekend's expansion of " It Follows" from 32 to 1218 theaters a mighty flop. Badass Digest 's own Devin Faraci tweeted his reaction to said article...